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Our Mission

We are driven by the urgent need to counteract the deliberate spread of misleading narratives that undermine the foundations of democratic processes and economic stability in europe.

Our Story

In the face of an increasingly interconnected world and the rapid emergence of Language Models (LLMs), a profound realization took hold. The growing threat posed by troll farms powered by LLMs and their potential to undermine democracies became glaringly evident, especially given the current political context. This realization struck us with a sense of urgency and the recognition that action needed to be taken immediately.

With this imperative driving our mission, astrae was founded. We understood that the risks posed by LLMs demanded a proactive response. Rather than succumbing to their potential for spreading disinformation and manipulating narratives, we saw an opportunity to harness their power as a protective tool.

Our journey has been shaped by the realization that the time to act is now. We believe in leveraging LLMs not only to detect and counter malicious narratives but also to fortify the foundations of democracies.

At astrae, we are proud to have a team of exceptional individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to our mission. Our leadership team consists of a dynamic blend of entrepreneurs, machine learning experts, and scientific experts specializing in propaganda and radicalization.

Drawing on their collective knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges posed by disinformation and troll farms, our leadership team guides our strategic direction and drives innovation. Their diverse backgrounds and complementary skill sets enable us to tackle complex problems from multiple angles, fostering a holistic approach to countering the influence of troll farms powered by Language Models (LLMs).

Experienced Leadership

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